May 30, 2017


My rates are very competitive, responding to the quality I offer you.

Rates for translation are based on different circumstances, namely time of delivery, type of text, volume of text, language combination, topic.

I also offer express translations within 24 hours with a 50% express surcharge to the current rate.

If you need to translate a document, please send it to me via Quote and further details and I will provide you with the final price in return.

Or contact me directly by email or by phone.

Rates for interpretation are based on the time and place of interpretation, the topic, the time needed for preparation.

Normally, for the interpretation, I charge as follows:

Half day = max. 4 hours

All day = max. 8 hours
Surely, we can arrange the price with the client individually according to his requirements.
In the case of multi-day interpretation, the client is obliged to provide the interpreter with accommodation, travel and meals.